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In our metal workshop, which specializes in working with brass, you can have the following work carried out by qualified specialists:



Drawings for the customer to show measures et cetera

Casting - Workmen at Work


Casting with a lost shape is a great art. A negative form of the model is made in sand, which is casted out with brass. After cooling, the mold is destroyed and the raw casting remains

Lathe with workpiece


Here the clamped workpiece rotates and the cutting tool is pulled past the workpiece with a carriage. This makes it possible to manufacture and process a wide variety of round shapes

Punching machine

Punching and embossing

A piece of metal is either punched out with a tool or embossed with a pattern

Rolling machine

Bending or rolling

Flat or round workpieces get the desired curvature



In the process, flat sheets are folded with a folding machine

Metal handle at work

Metal pressing

When pressed, a circular sheet of brass is clamped in front of a chuck and both are set in rotation. The sheet is adapted to the chuck with a tool.

Metal scissors

To cut

With sheet metal scissors, we cut sheet metal into strips, which are then either processed into tires or provided with a punched or embossed pattern

Artisan hammering

Hammering and chasing

Craftsman on the band saw


Shapes are worked out with band saws or circular saws

Drill bits in cassettes


Different drill holes are necessary on most workpieces

Craftsman cleaning up a solder seam


After soldering, the parts have to be cleaned, using small wave grinding machines, similar to an old dentist's drill, but also manually, using files and sandpaper

Craftsman on the belt grinder


With the sanding belt or with the angle grinder, the coarse burrs are flattened and the surface is as smooth as possible

Craftsman polishing the polishing disc


The polishing, a great art, is carried out in several passes - pre-polishing, fine polishing and finally dusting

Parts cleaning table


The residues of the polishing paste are carefully washed off

Ultrasonic cleaning device

Ultrasonic cleaning

To get the workpiece completely clean, cleaning is carried out in an ultrasonic bath before painting

Galvanization bath

Surface finishing

Nickel plating, chrome plating, patination, silver plating, gold plating - we can refine the finished workpieces with all possible surfaces

Loos clock is assembled

Assembly and electrification

Craftsman assembling

Restoring / cleaning old chandeliers and Lamps

Entrust us with your lighting fixtures for revision. From simple cleaning to complete restoration, we have the right specialists for you


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Images: Stefan Joham, WOKA Fotoarchiv